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maandag 10 juni 2013

Flowers for you

Hallo allemaal.
Bedankt voor jullie lieve reacties! Voor de mensen die het nog niet weten, ik heb oa ME en fibromyalgie. Helaas dus chronisch en niet iets wat zo weer over gaat. Dus vandaar dat ik periodes heb dat het wat beter gaat en minder goede periodes. Dat wisselt van dag tot dag. Maar zoals je ziet heb ik vandaag weer een nieuw stempeltje voor jullie kunnen tekenen. Ik hoop dat je haar leuk vind :)
groetjes Sliekje en kerels

Hi everybody.
Thank you for your kind wishes and prayers! For those of you who don't know it yet, i have got ME and fibromyalgia amongst some other healthissues. So unfortunately it is chronic and not just something that will pass away. I've got good and bad periods, that changes every day. But as you can see today i have been able to draw a new digi for you. I hope you'll like her :)
greetings Sliekje and cats

39 opmerkingen:

Jeannette zei

hoi Angelique, bedankt weer voor je leuke digi's en ja ik weet wat het inhoudt en dat je er behoorlijk last van hebt, sommige mensen hebben zoiets van wat je niet ziet dat is er niet, maar niets is minder waar, geniet van de goede momenten, probeer ik ook te doen, liefs Jeannette

Rene zei

I love this image! So cute! Thank you. I am sorry you have to deal with these chronic health problems. I hope your cats bring you some comfort.

Poppet zei

Glad you're having a little good time at the moment. Thank you for your cute kitty. She's perfect for many occasions. :-) xx

Avril H zei

many thanks :) Hope your good days outnumber the bad xox

Myrna zei

Thank you so much for the beautiful kitty digi.
I do hope you can find some comfort even though you have such painful problems.

Ardilla zei

thanks, so cute!!!

Anoniem zei

She is absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for sharing her with us. Take care---


Sandra H zei

Oh this is so cute thank you xx

Helen zei

Bedankt voor deze leukerd. Hoop dat je toch weer wat betere dagen hebt. Sterkte. Groetjes, Helen

Karon zei

She is so super cute - thank you for continuing to share your fabulous digis. Look after yourself and hope you have more good days than bad :-) Hugs, Karon.

Rhonda Miller zei

How sweet. Thank you so much.

I hope you have many good days ahead.

sweetpea1030 zei

Hallo, Sliekje
Glad you had a good day. I feel like somebody has really sent me flowers. Thanks for spreading happiness.

Shuckclod zei

She is so sweet in her sundress. Thank you and take care.

Teresa zei

Wishing many more good days than bad! Thank you for the digi.

Adriana zei

Dankjewel!!! Fijn dat je weer zo'n mooierd hebt kunnen tekenen.
Liefs Adriana

Saskia Pullen zei

Wat een lieverdje toch weer. Super lieve poes, perfect voor een beterschapskaartje voor de vriendin van mijn broertje..

Het eerste ken in wel, maar de tweede ziekte helaas niet. Zal het vanavond even opzoeken.

Hello zei

Thank you!

Sue zei

Nice to hear you are feeling a little better I do hope your good spell last for a good while. Thank you so much for the delightful little kitty.

Danielle zei

Thank you so much for sharing more of your digital images. This is adorable.

Addicted to papercrafts zei

Super cute! TFS!

Lee Mae zei

Thank you! She's adorable!

Anoniem zei

Thank you :)

Mehrll zei

Really love your digis. They are so cute! Thank you for sharing your talent.

AprilsL8 zei

Thank you! Hope you have many more good days than bad!

Charlene Mitchell zei

Thanks so much for sharing another super cute digi! Sorry to hear of your health issues. Here's hoping you have many more good moments than not-so-good! crafting hugs . . .

Jacq zei

Super cute kitty, thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about your chronic health issues, hope you have more good times than bad. :)

Embley Veronica zei

Too cute! I love your kitties. They are the best. Thank you for your generosity in letting us use these. :)

Silverbutterfly zei

So adorable, thank you...
Hope you keep feeling better.


Wishing You Butterfly Mornings
And Wildflower Afternoons.....

Anoniem zei

What a wonderful gift it is to hear from you again . . . to know that you have enough strength, energy, and your very unique creativity to be able draw a new digi. Creativity helps to take one's mind off the pain for a while, doesn't it?
I LOVE the sweet little kitty in her sundress!!! Through your new digi you are giving US flowers when, really, I'm sure many of us are wishing we could send YOU flowers to say WE'RE THINKING ABOUT YOU/ WE'RE PRAYING FOR YOU/ THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING GENEROSITY!!!!!!!
Take care kind, Angelique.
Sending smiles and kind regards, Enjay

KT Fit Kitty zei

I love it! Thank you so much - this image made my day!

So sorry about your illnesses - my Mom suffers from these as well so I know you can be in a lot of pain. I'll be praying for you - you are such a kind and generous person, and your artwork is so beautiful! I hope you have more good days than bad...

NimrodelAT / Callynea zei

Dear Angelique
Thanks for the wonderful Digi stamps!
I love them and use them for my cards, tags, ect.
I have linked your site to my blog!
'll definitely be back

hugs from


txexperiment zei

So sweet of you to think of us when you are feeling better. Thanks for this adorable image!

Yasmin -Split-Site PhD zei

Thank you so much for being so gracious with your stamps. I will let people know where I obtained these awesome stamps and direct them your way. Thank you so much for the post.


Dorothy S zei

Hi, Angelique,
First of all, I hope you will be having more good days than bad - I am sorry to hear you have not been very well. Then I want to say a big thank you for sharing your art. I have many in my files - I especially appreciate the kittens. I have a friend who wants several "cat cards" every summer, so I try to create a variety. You will be finding a few at my blog: http://cardsbydorothy.blogspot.com/2013_06_01_archive.html

Tina zei

Toll geworden. Gefällt mir so super.
Vielen Dank dafür.
LG Tina

Spyder zei

Lovely little kitty!

Cathy -Mercieschild zei

Sliekje, I just love your graphics andlove to send them in cards ,thank you so much, you are awesome. How are you feeling these days ? I hope all is well with you. hugs, Cathy K

Sonya zei

Super cute kitty image...thanks for sharing with us!

Annerieke zei

Wat een schatje Angelique, dank je wel!

Groetjes Annerieke