On this blog I want to share my FREE digi stamps with you.


I just love to draw and in this way I can share my God-given talents with as many people as possible.

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Click on the image and save the large file on your pc or tablet.

It's okay to share or pin the images, just don't sell the images keep them for FREE as I give them for nothing to you!
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maandag 19 oktober 2020

Winter and Christmas


It's been a while but I finally got new digistamps for you.
Hope you enjoy them :)
greetings Sliekje and cats

dinsdag 31 maart 2020


Hi everybody.
I hope you are all okay and doing well during these difficult times.
I know for a lot of you doing art and crafts is very important right know so I decided to make a few new digistamps for you.
Take care.
greetings Sliekje and cats

zondag 16 februari 2020


Hi everybody.
Thank you all so much for your nice comments on my previous post, it really means a lot to me :)
Here is a new cutie for you. I hope you enjoy it.
greetings Sliekje and cats

dinsdag 28 januari 2020

Hi :)

Hi everybody!

It has been such a long time...
I have have been through a difficult period, last year I lost two of my cats in a few weeks time.
That has hit me hard, some of you have been following me for years and know how much my cats mean to me, they are my children.
The sadness has had a big impact on my health and emotions. I kept on making art but I was just not able to draw some cute digital images. I seriously considered to stop making digistamps and just keep the blog running without adding new work. 
But as you can see I'm back with new stamps :)
I started this blog ten years ago and it has brought me so much joy and I hope my work has brought you joy as well!
Recently I saw somebody on Instagram who made a card with one of my stamps and that brought a smile on my face, realising that my work is still being enjoyed and used means so much to me!
So I am going to continue drawing digistamps. I am not promising to post frequently cause my health is very weak but I'll do my best to post some new digi's from time to time.
To make it a bit easier for myself I decided to change the way I draw the digistamps, as you can see they are in a more sketchy style instead of the black pen lines. 
I think it gives the images a softer and more detailed look, which will look great when you color them  :)
If you do prefer darker lines you can always adjust that when you print them out, or you can trace them with a black pen yourself.
I draw them on my Ipad so I don't have to scan them etc.
I really hope you like these new digistamps!

ps from now on I will only write in English ( de meeste van jullie kunnen toch engels en het scheelt weer typen for mij ;)

Greetings Sliekje and cats