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vrijdag 7 augustus 2015

Candy cloud

Hallo allemaal.
Voorlopig blijf ik nog even in de nieuwe schets stijl werken :) Er staan meer als 300 honderd digistamps in de fineliner stijl dus voor wie de nieuwe niet leuk vinden is er nog genoeg keuze ;)
groetjes Sliekje en katjes

Hi everybody.
For now I keep working in the new sketch style :) There are more then 300 digistamps in the fineliner style so for those of you who don't like the new ones there is still plenty to choose from ;)
greetings Sliekje and cats

17 opmerkingen:

Wies zei

Bedankt voor deze leuke digi's Angelique. Vooral de kat op een melkpak vind ik geweldig.
Groetjes, Wies

Saskia Pullen zei

Wat een schatjes zijn het weer.


Saskia Pullen

Rene zei

These are adorable! I love the new style! The cat on the milk is so cute. Thank you!

BAstelfeti zei

Sweet Stamps.

Greeting BAstelfeti

Annette zei

All your images are amazing, but I really love the kitty on the milk carton. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.
Have a great weekend.

Teresa zei

They are all good! Thank you!

Diana zei

Just love kitty ODed on milk.LOL. Thanks so much.

KT Fit Kitty zei

Both are adorable! My favourite of course is the kitty - so cute! I think your new style is lovely! Thank you for sharing your designs with us!

Dawn H zei

Thank you. I like both styles...the sketch style is a unique "softer" version.

ciloma zei

I just took a trip through your archives. You have some extremely cute drawings!! I have a friend who has a pig collection and some of those sketches will be made into cards for her. Such a wide variety of subjects, too. Each and every one is wonderful! Thank you for your kindness in sharing them with us souls that can't draw!!

We have to put one of our cats to sleep tomorrow. It will be a sad day for us. I know you understand that. My heart hurt for you each time I saw that you had to do the same in your blog. They are such a joy and fill our hearts with their antics and love. That is one of the crueler things in life that our pets have such short lives.

I also noted that you have some chronic illnesses. I hope that they are improving. My sister has both of them too and has found a lot of healing in changing her diet and exercising even when she doesn't feel like it. Maybe considering the same for yourself would help? I know a change from processed foods to more natural foods has helped me with my fatigue and arthritis a *lot* more than I ever thought it would. Plus my mood and attitude are much better when I stay off the processed and sugary foods.

Thanks again for your generosity in sharing your drawings. They are wonderful.

Health and Blessings, Cindy Martinez

Danielle zei

Thanks so much for sharing your sketches.. I think they are wonderful! I love the kitty passed out on the milk carton.

Catnip and Kitty Whiskers zei

These are so adorable! Thank you!

Anoniem zei

Ik vind je nieuwe stijl ook schitterend.
Bedankt weer en ik zou zeggen, blijf vooral doorgaan.


Katrina Bufton zei

Love the new style, the cat on the milk carton is gorgeous. Thank you :)
Katrina x

britishgirl zei

adorable thank you

Susanne zei

Thanks again for these cute stamps.

I found an Image of yours at http://i-imgs.com/de/ausmalbilder-kostenlos-sliekje-digi-stamps-malvorlagen-vol-8321/ ... Maybe you can make them pay for not asking you before publishing it in their linkfarm....

DonnaMundinger zei

So cute! Thank you! xxD