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donderdag 17 oktober 2013


Hallo allemaal.
Deze digistamps heb ik speciaal getekend voor iemand die pas haar hond heeft moeten laten inslapen. Elke dierenliefhebber weet hoe vreselijk dat is! Hopelijk bied dit een beetje troost.
groetjes Sliekje en katjes

Hi everybody.
I made these digistamps especially for someone who recently had to put her dog to sleep. Every animallover knows how terrible that is! I hope this gives a little bit of comfort.
greetings Sliekje and cats

24 opmerkingen:

Helen zei

Prachtig - dank je wel.
Groetjes Helen

jj zei

This is a very sweet tribute to a pup. Would love similar ones for other kinds of pets....It is aways so sad when we lose one. Thank you so much!

Maryann Laursen zei

Thank you so much for these cuties here Sliekje, they´re absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE dogs, but unfortunately mine had to be put to sleep here a month ago, as he got cancer, and there was nothing they could do for him, but I just miss him so terribly every day.

Deanne Saunders zei


Josie Cox zei

Thank you, I thought I would be making one for our son's dog who he thought he would have to have put down last night. Dr. told him he had fluid around his heart and gave him meds. Now he feels better

Deloris zei

Awh, what a nice thing to do. They are so cute.

Deloris zei

Awh, what a nice thing to do. They are so cute.

britishgirl zei

Adorable thank you

Time to be creativ zei

Thank you, it´s a nice Image.
♥ Anja

Marilyn Mathis zei

I really enjoy your digis. You are quite an artist. Thank you for sharing with us.

Michelle-a-bella zei

I am so sorry that your friend had to put her dog down, that is never easy for anyone!!! I love your digi, it is perfect for that. Do you have a cat one? And maybe a horse one? Thank you again for your beautiful talent!!! God Bless!

sweetpea1030 zei

Hallo, Sliekje
Thanks for the digis.

Silverbutterfly zei

Love your digis, they are always so adorable. thanks.


cat zei

Love all your images and wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU.
Cat s.

ps have you ever made a cat over the rainbow like the pup you have today? just curious as it is wonderful

Shuckclod zei

We had to put our shepherd/husky to sleep almost 9 years ago. He was 13 1/2 and was having trouble with legs and his medicine was not working. He asked us for it, in his eyes. We still think about him everyday and have not got another dog yet. Thank you for the new ones...

Sue zei

Beautiful digis, those of us who have had to have a furry friend put to sleep know how much such an act of kindness means, I still have a hand drawn card from a little girl down the street from when my dog passed away, she is a teenager now!

Karen zei

Sorry to hear about your friends dog, it breaks out heart as pet lovers. Our cat is now 21 and is still going strong. I love your digis of the cats/animals so thank you so much from the animal charities who I support raising funds with your digis (also cancer/kidney charities too!). Karen x

KT Fit Kitty zei

These are lovely, Angelique. So sorry to hear of your friend's dog, and what a lovely thing you have done. It's very sad to lose a pet. I still think of my beloved Muffin kitty, who passed away 9 years ago today. I have two other kitties but Muffin's memory is so strong in my heart. I always appreciate your creations. Thank you! I hope you are well.

Lee Mae zei

These are so sweet. I'm sure your friend will appreciate them. I lost my little girl Pomeranian in March this year and I immediately thought of her when I saw the little dog crossing the rainbow bridge. Thank you so much for your wonderful artwork.

Helen Dooley zei

They are perfect. Thank you so much. Stella was an amazing dog. Hugs to you!

txexperiment zei

These are really cute. The first one would be perfect for a pet sympathy card. Thanks!

Pauline zei

Thank you so much for these sweet images.... my sweet doggie passed away last week... our pets are such large parts of our family!
hugs and blessings,

Anneke zei

Hoi Sliekje

Wat kan jij goed tekenen zeg!!! je maakt echt super mooie digi's en ik ben wel zo vrij geweest om een aantal van je digi's te gebruiken om er zelf kaarten mee te maken.
En ik ben zeker van plan om vaker op je blog een kijkje te komen nemen.

Groetjes Anneke

Helen Dooley zei

How horrible, I never even thank you for this. I have been so busy since watching my grand daughter, no time for cards, or friends or life. I missed your beautiful images and awesome blog posts. So i can here today as I lay in bed sick. I agree about love everyone no matter what. It makes me sick to my stomach when people are so mean to each other. Shame on the world. I miss our little chats back and forth. I miss all the great fun we had over the years and friends we made. life moves too fast. hugs to you my dear friend. Everyone still loves my Angel. Bless your heart. hugs