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vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

A puppy, airmail bear and piggies

Hallo allemaal.
Ik was in een creatieve bui vandaag dus weer lekker wat zitten tekenen :)
Ik hoop dat jullie ze leuk vinden! Helaas is het aantal downloads van mijn digistamps de laatste tijd enorm afgenomen. Dat wil zeggen het aantal dat via mijn eigen blog wordt gedownload want via andere mensen krijg ik regelmatig te horen dat er mensen zijn die mijn digistamps op hun blogs of fotowebsites als pintrest enz zetten. Dus mijn digistamps worden wel veel gedownload maar via andere sites. Dat is jammer omdat het aantal downloads op mijn blog mij altijd een beeld geeft welke soort digistamps jullie het leukste vinden maar ik ben blij dat er in ieder geval veel mensen plezier van mijn werk hebben ( beter dat mijn werk wijd wordt verspreid dan dat niemand het leuk vind toch?! ;) En zolang ik kan blijf ik gewoon lekker door tekenen en laat ik mij niet door "art thiefs" tegenhouden!
groetjes Sliekje en katjes

Hi everybody.
I was in a creative mood today :)
I hope you like them! Unfortunately the number of downloads of my digistamps has droped down a lot lately.Well actually the number of downloads from my own blog because i get several emails from people who tell my they have seen my work at other blogs or photosites like pintrest. So my digistamps are downloaded a lot but through other sites. That is a shame because the amound of downloads give me the insight on which kind of digistamps you like the most, but i am glad that a lot of people enjoy my work ( better to have my work spread all over the net rather than having nobody liking my work hey?! ;) And as long i am able i will continue to draw and i won't let "art thiefs" stop me!
greetings Sliekje and cats

46 opmerkingen:

Helen zei

Hoi Angelique, bedankt weer voor de leuke digi's. Ik kom ze in ieder geval altijd bij jou halen; heb alleen te weinig tijd om ze allemaal te kleuren :-) Wat mij betreft: ik vind ze allemaal erg leuk. Dank je wel. Groetjes, Helen

ike zei

Wonderful - THANK YOU xxxxxxxxxxx

Deanne Saunders zei

Your digis are adorable!!!! So sad about the thieves. They are so rude :O(

Rene zei

Thank you for your continued work! I am sorry people steal your work. If I ever see that, I would let you know because that is wrong. I hope you continue your work because I love it!

Marjan zei

Het zijn weer schatjes hoor !

Groetjes, Marjan

jj zei

Thank you so much! These are adorable! It is terrible that people steal your digis.... and when you have been so generous in sharing them with us freely! Please know that we loyal fans love your work (and your kitties, and you!) thanks again!

christina zei

Hoi Angelique

Ik vind ze fantastisch stuk voor stuk heb vandaag een kaartje geplaatst met een van jou digi`s en heb er een link in gezet naar jou blog.
Hoop dat je zo weer wat meer downloads krijgt.

Groetjes Christina

Maryann Laursen zei

Thank you soo very much for these cute digis here Slikje. They´re just gorgeous as always hun.
Hope you´re having a wonderful week-end ahead now with lots of great fun.

Poppet zei

Thank you for the cute images. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to create these adorable images. I'm sorry to hear about the digi theives. It seems as shame as you're generous enough to give them away for free anyway.

Ankie vd Polder zei

Oh Sliekje, die varkentjes zijn gaaf! Groetjes, Ankie

Tina zei

Vielen lieben Dank für die süßen Digis.
LG Tina

mgoll88 zei

very cute, ecpascilly the first one!


karin zei

Ik kijk regelmatig naar je nieuwe tekeningen en vind ze wel lief. Ik heb ze nog niet veel gebruikt, maar als ik het doe maak ik een link naar je blog. Hoort er bij vind ik !
Bedankt voor alle schattige werkjes dat je hebt gemaakt.

Sandra H zei

Thank you so much for these images they are just so cute and your so generous l do feel for you though its not right that your images are being downloaded from else where could you not put a limit on your downloads to prevent this happening in the future hopefully it will stop take care xx

Karen C zei

Very cute! I made something using the pigs http://busybusyhoneybee.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/hog-wild/
Thank you for all the wonderful images!
Karen C

Amy Sisson zei

You are spoiling us! Thank you so much! :-)

Anoniem zei

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful digi-stamps with all of us. I visit this blog once a week, usually, and am always amazed at how creative and talented you are! Cheryl S.

CarlaKH zei

Love your images and always enjoy seeing what is new! Thanks so much!

Anoniem zei

Bedankt voor deze geweldige digi's. Vooral de varkentjes zijn geweldig!
Sneu hoor om ze niet via je blog te downloaden, gaat zo gemakkelijk via je blog.
Ik blijf ze sparen hoor, ook al heb ik niet altijd tijd om ze te kleuren.

sweetpea1030 zei

The little dog was cute, the airmail was cuter, then I saw the little piggies and I thought There's nothing so cute!! I love the piggies.

You are right about your work. I see it at Bing and Pinterest and other "free" download sites. It can be frustrating for artists who don't give their work as freebies. I like that you don't let it eat at you. Life is too short, and when you have health problems, you have to pick your battles.

I love your images, and I will do a feature on you and post some of my colored images. Of course, I'll let you know when I put it up. Hopefully it will perk up your downloads.

Thanks, Sliejke. Take care of yourself.

Suze zei

Thank you Angelique. I really love your kitty images but I have to say I also love that airmail bear on his paper plane - so so cute. Thank you very much. Sorry to hear you are being hit by the art thieves - try not to let it get to you too much as you need to look after your health first. Take care.

Shuckclod zei

I have your link in my favorites on my blog, so I know when you update... These new ones are great too. Thank you.

Heather "Hev" zei

Thank you again for the gorgeous gifts :)

Shame people are dishonest :(

Have a beautiful day xx

Teresa zei

Thank you so much for all your digis. I am sorry people are posting them to other sites and not sending them to your site to get them. I love your drawings--so cute! Thank you again!

Jeannette zei

hoi Angelique, wat vervelend dat je via via erachter komt dat je tekeningen gedownload worden, ik haal ze altijd rechtstreeks bij jou op en als ik er een kaartje mee maak, link ik naar jouw blog, zo blijft het leuk, groetjes en bedankt weer voor je leuke plaatje, Jeannette

Anoniem zei

these are great, thank you very much

Planetsusie zei

I always pop over to your site for your gorgeous images, especially because I like to see your cats, past and present!!

Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

britishgirl zei

Very cute

*Petras Kartenkreationen aller Art* zei

Liebe Angelique,

vielen, vielen Dank für Deine süßen Digis, ich liebe Deine Arbeit.

Liebe Grüße

Dee zei

I always stop at your site to see what's new. Love your digis!

Ardilla zei

Thank you so much!!!

mac zei


Sue zei

No one can truly steal your art because you have such a distinct style that the majority of us in the crafting world know a sliekje stamp when we see one. I regularly see cards made with your stamps and know they are yours even if there is no credit given. Thank you so much for sharing your digis with us and I also appreciate the little glimpse into your life that generally comes with them. Hope you and your little cats are all well. Sue

Silverbutterfly zei

Your digis are all so adorable, love all of them. Thank you so much... so sorry that people have to steal your sweet digis, when you give them away. I'm like one of the other posters I know you cuties when I see one of them.



Wishing You Butterfly Mornings
And Wildflower Afternoons.....

Catnip and Kitty Whiskers zei

Thank you for sharing these with us! They are so sweet! You have a wonderful imagination and talent! So glad that you are not letting the art thieves stop you! Like the previous commenter, your images are very distinctive and unique, and we would be able to tell if they belong to you. Love your digis and am so grateful that you share them! Have a great weekend and pet the kitties for me! :)

Anoniem zei

Thank you for some more great stamps. I love the little pigs they are adorable.

Cathy -Mercieschild zei

Cathy -Mercieschild zei...
Sliekje, I love your work and have followed you for along time. I am saddened by people who take your and other artists work and put it on their own sites. I saw some on Pinterest but thought you gave them permission. I am so so sorry. I so appreciate all you imges and everything you do. I know you haven't felt well and yet you so continue to bless us with such wonderful images, May the Lord bless you abundantly for your generous heart. Hugs, Cathy K

(oops I accidently posted this on your post below )

txexperiment zei

Thanks so much for these adorable images!

I have seen other sites having images that are watermarked along with the images to download. These are supposed to be used for Pinterest.

It is a shame that people put images out there without permission of the owner.

Lee Mae zei

Love your blog and your drawings! Thank you so much for them both.

Dee zei

Just sharing a link to a card I posted on my blog today using your adorable winter pups from last year. Love that image!


Danielle zei

Such cute images! Thanks so much for sharing your artwork.

Cleah zei

Always sooo cute! Especially love this one with the paper plane.Wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing to us your creative artworks. :)

KT Fit Kitty zei

Oh, my - how did I miss these? Thank you so much - they are adorable!

Very grateful,
KT Fit Kitty

Averil zei

Your images are adorable, as always. Particularly like this fluffy puppy :) Have not been looking in for a while, so am downloading quite a few. Thank You so much for all of them.

Sewe zei

Oh piggies, how cute :D

Michelle-a-bella zei

THANK YOU so much for sharing your WONDERFUL talent and especially being Free, I love your work!!! Thank you again!