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maandag 17 december 2012

Back online

Hallo allemaal.
Hier ben ik weer!
Een van mijn ondeugende kereltjes heeft de kabels van mijn monitor kapot gebeten! Gelukkig had hij een stel beschermengeltjes bij zich en zijn er geen ongelukken gebeurd!!! Ik moest dus nieuwe kabels bestellen vandaar dat ik even geen digi's kon plaatsen. Maar inmiddels werkt het allemaal weer, en heb ik extra dubbele maatregelen genomen om te zorgen dat ze er niet weer aan kunnen zitten ;)
groetjes Sliekje en katjes

Hi everybody.
I'm back!
One of my naughty little boys chewed on the power cords of my monitor! Luckaly he had guardianangels around him and he didn't get hurt!!! I had to order new cable's so that's why i couldn't place new digistamps. But now everything is working again, and i made some extra changes on my desk to prevent them from doing it again ;)
greetings Sliekje and cats

14 opmerkingen:

ike zei

OMGoodness - what a disaster !!! I am glad he is OK. Thank you for the lovely digi xxxxxxxxxxx

Teresa zei

Glad he is ok!! Thank you!

Sandra H zei

Oh this is just the cutest ever thank you x

Rene zei

Oh no, glad the kitties were not hurt. That can be scary! Cute image, thank you!

Avril H zei

Many thanks :) Relieved to learn that kitty was unharmed.

Ardilla zei

Nice to hear your kitty is OK!
Thanks for sharing :)

Karon zei

LOL - I hope they were OK! Thanks for sharing your digis Angelique - I have one to day on my blog its one of the little elves.


You are so generous - Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

jj zei

oh, my goodness.....how cute! I'm so glad you kitty didn't get hurt. They can sure get into a lot of mischief- and I'm thankful they have 9 lives!

Our cats are always up on the computer too, but often they're laying on the keyboard, so some really WEIRD things pop up on my screen. This little digi is just PERFECT Thanks so much!

Rhonda Miller zei

Thank you.

Poppet zei

Glad to hear kitty is OK. It's amazing what damage their little teeth can do. Thank you for the very cute image. :-) xx

Kimberly S zei

Great to see you back, and so sorry to hear what happened to the cable to the computer! Wow, what a very lucky kitty that he was alright. Thank you so much for sharing the cute new image! hugs, Kimberly

Unknown zei

Sorry for what happened! Happy to hear the little one is okay! TY for this adorable kitten!

Anoniem zei

Lol little imps. Glad they ok and you are back. Thank you for the digis

Danielle zei

Thanks so much for sharing... Sorry to hear that your kitty ate the cord, but glad to hear that he wasn't hurt.