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woensdag 18 april 2012

Hanging around

Hallo allemaal.
Hier weer een nieuwe digi, gewoon voor de lol. Die kleintjes lijken zichzelf altijd in moeilijkheden te brengen ;) Ik hoop dat jullie hem leuk vinden.
groetjes Sliekje en katjes

Hi everybody.
Here's a new digi, just for fun. Those little kitties always seems to get themselves in trouble ;) I hope you like it.
greetings Sliekje and cats

41 opmerkingen:

Stempel-Katzi zei

"Those little kitties always seems to get themselves in trouble ;) I hope you like it."

Realy, they do it. Thank you for the freebie.

Greetings from Germany

Anoniem zei

Ach, gossie, wat een lieffie. Dank je wel Angelique voor deze prachtige digi!!! Liefs, JacquelineR

Rene zei

Oh, he is so cute! I love your cat drawings!

Avril H zei

LOL - I love it. many thanks :)

marion zei

ohhh wat een schatje ! liefs, Marion

Anneke klerks zei

wat een lieffie!!
Bedankt Sliekje
liefs anneke

qm zei

een schatje, hartelijk dank

Jennifer zei

Your kitties always make me smile! Thank you!

♥ Yolanda ♥ zei

Wat een ondeugend katje! Maar je hebt gelijk die kleintje weten zich in allerlei moeilijkheden te brengen en we proberen ze altijd te redden :D

Bedankt Angelique voor dit schatje.
Liefs Yolanda

Kelly zei

Wat een lief stempeltje!!

Sonya zei

So very, very cute! Thanks!!

Rhonda Miller zei

So cute. Thank you.

Anoniem zei

Thank you so much for all the wonderful digi's you give us!!!! It looks like your kitten, Teddy, is keeping you entertained and giving you lots of inspiration. One again, thank you. You are very talented, Angelique! Enjay xo

Adriana zei

wat een leukerd! Bedankt!!!
Groetjes Adriana

Diana zei

So cute! Thank you!

Anoniem zei

Thank you....dw

Heidi zei

so so sweet, good job the cat has claws to hang on by. hugs heid x

Poppet zei

Thank you for the gorgeous digi. It reminds me of one of our cats when it was a kitten, hanging from the open stairs . It used to scramble around the step clinging on with its little claws. :-) xx

Cleah zei

So funny and cute! Thanks so much.;)

Amy zei

You are so right! Thanks for another cute freebie.

Dee zei

Yes they do! I remember when we brought a stray into our house and she had 6 beautiful kittens. They were the BEST! I still have the Mommy and one of her kittens. I couldn't part with them all! Love this image...thanks!

Heidi Brawley zei

AWE so cute! Thank You!!!

Trimgym zei

wat een schatje!


Stephenie zei

I just went through all of your blog! You have so many cute images!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!

Anoniem zei

This is adorable, thank you.

Pauline zei

This is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful kitties!
hugs and blessings,

Ardilla zei

cute... thank you!

Christine zei

Love your kitty. Thank you.

Sue zei

Delightful little kitty, thank you very much

Avril H zei

Many thanks for yet another great kitty pic:)Mine is 6 months old and today he climbed out of an opened upstair window and lost his footing on the narrow sill. S'ok as he managed to grip onto the sloping tiled roof beneath until I was able to pull him in by the scruff of his neck.

Teresa Arsenault zei

Oh so cute, Angelique. Thank you so much.

jperr zei

Thanks for sharing the cute kitty.

Anoniem zei

How cute! Thank you so much.

Deloris zei

Absolutely adorable! TFS!

Anoniem zei

Thank you very much for all these cute redworks !!

roselyne from France


Rainbow_colours zei

this is so cute, thank you.

britishgirl zei

Great Images thank you

britishgirl zei

Great images thank you

Danielle zei

Very cute image... thanks so much.

Anoniem zei

Your cats are cute and funny. Thanks for the freebie!!


Cindy in Wisconsin zei

Love this little kitten! Thank you so much!